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Night Owl DVR Problems

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I have a Night Owl HDA10-16 with 12 - 1080P Cameras and a Sunba HD-AHD PTZ Camera. The system is in another state about 1650 miles away so I do everything remotely. The system worked fine until about 6 months ago. Now when using Night Owl's CMS on my Windows desktop I can't control the PTZ functions or view recordings. I can view the PTZ like any other camera but the PTZ functions don't work. When trying to view recordings it gives an error message saying "record files not found." I have several computers and it does this on all of them.  I originally thought the DVR was the problem but everything still works on my Android phone and tablet. So the DVR is functional. I chatted with CS and they recommended using an earlier version of the CMS software. So I asked where to get it. The agent said she'd check. Then after sometime she typed the older version was no longer available. So has anyone here had problems with PTZ control and playback with Night Owl DVRs or any analog DVR for that matter? Also I would appreciate recommendations for a replacement DVR compatible with HD-AHD cameras. Thanks

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