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Katie A

Control of CnM Secure 8 channel recorder

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Hi, I'm new to this forum having battle away with our shop cctv system trying to make sense of the manual which is very trying!

It's working fine and recording but I need to get footage from last Monday downloaded for my insurance company and I m now completely stumped!

The mouse was working plugged into the USB on the front of the recorder but it now doesn't appear on the screen.

I'm trying to manage with the remote or the controls on the front of the recorder.

Is it only possible to export the entire weeks recordings or should I be able to isolate the few minutes that I need as I don't have a USB stick of large enough capacity!

I don't seem to be able to link up via the computers on the network to export this way as despite downloading DirectX and installing I can't get the Login from the IP Address.

Am I just being dense or should this work?

Any help gratefully received!

MAny Thanks


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Hi Katie. 
CnM. Went bust nearly 20 years ago 

and ther units were sold after that under sentinal name. and that stopped 10 years ago


you need to ask your insurance company on how much footage they need.

they may want the full day 

The CnM unit may also be priority software which means burn onto a memory stick but you will also need to also supply the file player. And that will not load on a computer now as it’s to old and the licence will have run out. 

depending on your type of business it might be better to buy a new dvr and just send yours to your insurance company 


old CnM s units are on eBay for £5 ...... you will pay more than that for a memory stick



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Thank you.

I'm slightly confused as I think our recorder is around 4 years old and there are many units badged CnM available new from different websites - i think someone must have bought the name?

Thankyou for your advice. Insurers need about 3 mins of footage but it's very difficult to see how to isolate this, particulalry as I cannot get the mouse to work with the recorder - it worked 2 days ago!

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Your recorder is 10 years or More. I know CnM (Alex)They used to be on the forum till they closed.  Check the date they were last on 

now your mouse problem ....... again your system has not had a update to update drivers for newer memory sticks or a mouse control
to get past this just insert your memory stick and mouse then reboot your system and your mouse will come back


i also have the CnM player here if you need it

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