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Lorex cctv camera interface

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I’ll start by saying that I’m completely ignorant of cctv equipment. Now you know. 

our shop bought Lorex C581-CB-Z cameras based solely on a friend’s recommendation. We have them installed to monitor shop equipment and naively thought we could simply plug the two cameras into two new TVs. How foolish. 

Lorex tells us that we have to have their DVR also. While I recognize them as the experts I also recognize this forum as a group of experts.

is this correct or is there a quick (cheap) and dirty way to connect the Lorex camera to a regular TV with some sort of converter?  

Thanks in advance 


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I'm new in this forum, but I know a couple of things.

If You only have the cameras connected to the tv by an AV or BNC cable they would only show the video.

You need to connect them to a DVR for them to record and then from the DVR to the TV to show the live video or the recording.

If you want something cheap I recommend this mini DVR that I have used for hidden cameras in a stockrooms at my store.



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