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Help connecting DVR to TV

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Ok i upgraded an analog camera set and i need to connect the new DVR to the TV as a monitor.
Here is the map:

New DVR XVR HDMI out 1080

BNC connector <----> 50FT COAX wire <----->regular F-type coax connector

TV with regular antenna input


So i believe what i need is one of THESE (HDMI to SDI Converter)

I am not an expert whatsoever, just helping a friend with his home setup.
Please let me know if this is the adapter i need or should look for something different.

Thank you very much

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4 hours ago, tomcctv said:

Hi.  Why are you going to antenna input ????

hdmi to sdi will not work for you 

The COAX wire is the only one available (already existing) in the house going from the DVR room to the big TV where they want to see the cameras. So i need to reuse that wire. 

Could you suggest any solution then? why this wouldn't work, what is the purpose of the adapter ? Which one do i need?

Thank you

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The TV is a newer smart TV, with HDMI and Antenna inputs.

The whole point here is to reuse the existing COAX wire to get to the other side.. running any new wire will be an issue, we are trying to avoid just that. 

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Hi. Two ways of using your existing coax but nether way is cheap. 

HDMI modulator.......... this is the only method you can use for using tv antenna input 


hdmi over coax kit ........ hdmi from dvr to tv hdmi.   But stay away from the cheap type or the tv image will be useless to watch


both options will not give you control of your system.... view only. 

another option is to use no cable at all and for the same price if not cheaper than the modulator or hdmi kit is to use a apple box or android tv box ...... this is a good option as you will have control over cctv system ..... and the money spent also gives your smart tv more options

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