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OSD Analog camera with separate day/night profiles

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Are there any analog cameras that have day/night profiles similar to those on  Dahua IP cameras? 

I am looking for an analog camera with on screen display that would allow me to set up different exposure settings for day and night. I have found several analog cameras with OSD and manual shutter adjustments but none that allow a different shutter speed setting for day and night. Currently I am using a Honic 2MP that I can set up the shutter to do what I need at night but that setting does not work during bright daylight, so everyday I must switch it back to auto exposure.  I am not talking about the B&W vs color settings. My IP Cameras have separate profiles  for day and night allowing me to have different settings depending on the time of day, and I was hoping to find an analog camera with simlar options for exposure.         


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Never seen that function in an individual camera OSD menu.
Every recording device I’ve worked on includes that feature at the head end recorder menu settings not at the camera. Look for the settings in your recorders individual camera settings/record menu. It’s a common feature. 

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