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Help designing home system for unusual need

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Please accept my apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm desperately looking for help for a specific  cctv need. I'd be so grateful for any advice anyone can offer.

My neighbour and I have had 6 cars written off in our road in the space of a few months. We park part on the pavement (as advised by the police after the first incident) and there is plenty of space for buses and hgvs to pass. It is a 30mph suburb, well lit by street lamps.

People drive too fast down the road and cars are often crashed into. The drivers usually flee. In the most recent incident, they abandoned their car because it was so damaged, and escaped in another waiting vehicle while my partner and I were still waking up as it was the middle of the night and we heard the bang. 

I've installed a pricey blackvue in my car which may have got their faces as they changed vehicle, but it cant pick up plates on moving cars. I was hoping to install an NVR system at home, with a camera pointed up the road (or down the road since tail lights seem dimmer than headlights) to capture plates of vehicles, and another general purpose camera to capture what is going on, pointed directly at our cars.

I get the impression I'll need a specific camera for the plates, since the street is maybe 5m from our door and the camera would be at an angle of maybe 45 to 75 degrees. So maybe I need zoom, fast shutter speed, hi res, but this is where my knowledge runs out.

I'd be so grateful if someone could point me toward a solution  preferably using POE cameras.

Just to clarify I don't need number plate recognition, just need them to be legible at night on moving vehicles in a lit street as much as possible.

Thanks so much for your time and I hope you're all well and had a good holiday season.



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not the answer you are looking for, but a consideration: put up a couple of trailcams. here in the states, $28 at Walmart. look for the kind with no glow IR illumination.

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