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Question in ZModo DVR replacement

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I have an 8CH H.264 Standalone DVR ZMD_DT_SCN8 DVR with 8 ZModo BNC Cameras attached to it. I installed 6-8 years ago. It went belly up yesterday.

I would like to buy a replacement DVR and use my existing cameras.  It appears that ZModo no longer sells DVRs My question is if I can use any DVR that has BNC inputs. Here is what the ZMode manuals says about its inputs.

Analogue video signal: The video input port is BNC connector plug. The demand of input signal is PAL/NTSC BNC (1.0VP-P, 75Ω).

Since I am replacing I might go with a 16 CH and adds some additional cameras later but for now I just want to get back up and running. Not much in the way of others requirements LAN, HDMI, Android, etc. I really don't want  to install 8 new cameras. These are the cameras.


And here are the camera specs:

* 1/4" Color CMOS Image Sensor
* 700 TV Lines, Horizontal
* 3.6mm Lens
* Signal: NTSC
* Night Vision Min. Light: 0 Lux (IR On)
* IR Irradiation Distance: up to 80'
* Operation Temperature: 14F~122F
* Weatherproof: Yes
* Power: 12V DC
* Mount: Wall
* Video Connector: BNC
* Power Connector: RCA 12V DC

I did a search in the forum but didn't find any relevant posts.




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Hi. What you need to look for is a 4 in 1 dvr and pic a 5mp unit ..... this will allow you to use your existing cameras and also allows you option to go better cameras when you should start to replace yours


you have a 4 way now but I would recommend going 8way ...... not much difference in price

where are you located

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I'm in PA. My current is an 8 camera. By 4 in 1 do you mean 4 cameras? I plan to get a 16 Channel. So I can use any with BNC inputs?


Some Googling tells me that 4-in-1 " 4in1 Security cameras are considered "universal cameras" because they can output three types of HD over Coax video signals (HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD) and analog resolution video (CVBS). "

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One like this seems to do what I need although I haven't been about to find out the difference yet between 5MP and 5MP Lite.




Doesn't seem to be a lot of 16CH DVRs without cameras out there. I see more 8CH.







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That's no good. I want to see all cameras on my phone or tablet on one screen like I do now and all cameras on a TV via HDMI. Any recommendations?  I would prefer a 16 Camera DVR 5-in-1 5MP.

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