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Hi. Hopefully an easy question! If my DVR say only accepts highest resolution analog TVI camera of 5MP, but having a hard time finding a camera that's 5MP, can I hook up say a 6 or 8MP and just go into the camera settings and set it to 5MP? Or won't i get that far, as in I won't be able to get to the cameras menu via the DVR?  I don't want to buy a higher res and not be able to use it,  that's all. Thanks in advance. 

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Hi. It’s unusual for a dvr to only do tvi 

TVI was mostly used by hikvision a few years ago but most dvrs now use all HD formats 

so if you search hikvision tvi 5mp you will find lots

but you could face another problem if your dvr is old .... check the spec . Some early units were limited ..... one 5mp but then rest were 2mp on a 4 way giving 4 cameras but if you add another 5mp it basically turns from 4 channel to two 

going 6mp like you said is a waste of money and going 8mp (4K) you will find won’t run 

do you have dvr spec

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