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HD Failure on Dahua 4 Cam System

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Hi All,

I have a Dahua 4 Camera HCVR security system that was installed around 2016. The original 1TB Seagate HD died, so I took it out and replaced it with a 1TB WD Blue drive which I formatted in my PC via an external enclosure, prior to putting it in the HCVR box.

My issue is once I plug back everything to the HCVR box, and turn on the power, there is no signal from the box to the monitor. I've tried changing from the VGA input to HDMI input to different monitors but that has not worked. The power light on the mobo turns on and the fan spins, so I know there is power going to the unit.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix the unit or is it basically toast? If it's toast, would I be able to re-use the cameras with another DVR security system or would those need to be replaced as well?





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The device powers up but there is still no signal on the monitor.  It's strange because when the hard drive originally died and I powered on the DVR, there was a signal to the monitor, however once I removed/replaced the drive, nothing shows up on the display.

This makes me think there may be a specific connection/input I need to connect on the device itself once I pop in a new drive that I may have missed? All I see on the device is the power connection input, hdmi/vga input and 4 Camera inputs. Inside the device there is just the 2 serial connection cables for the hard drive.

Would a picture help?



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