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zmodo sbn8 question

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i have a zmodo sbn8 dvr and i want to find out how to set it up so i can see my cameras on my nvr.  now i did have another dvr that was 16 channels and i couls see that one on my nvr in fact the nvr found them. that dvr started to fail  so i put the old zmodo sbn8 back into service. now i do not remember if i could see the cameras on my nvr before. but it seems to me if i could with the dvr that just failed that i should be able to with the zmodo dvr.

i do not have a good name for the dvr that just failed as i had no name with it. but  my nvr asks for ipc dvr and hvr and then netip or onvif.  then i enter the ip address the port i use to see the cameras over tinycam and the username and password.  on the old dvr i had the same info i just copied it over so i did not have to change much on my phone and tablets


so n the zmodo dvr i have http port  command port media port and mobil port so what port would i use to be able to see the zmodo on the nvr? the nvr asks for camera source type ipc dvr hvr then channel then ip address then port then username and password.  and camera type either netip or onvif 


does anyone know how to set this up and if it can be set up. if not i will have to get another dvr. thanks bp.

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ok i guess the zmodo can't be set to see both types of cameras. i do have an nvr that dese. i did get that other 16 channel one working, it turns out i set it for pal and the monitors did not like it. i do not know how i managed to switch it but i did and now i set it for ntsc and it is back in service. and i can see both my dvr cameras and the ip cameras. so thanks for the ones that read this anyway. all the research did not say how to set this unit up to see both styles of cameras. i have another question but i will start another thread for that one. thanks

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