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  1. corviarbob

    zmodo sbn8 question

    ok i guess the zmodo can't be set to see both types of cameras. i do have an nvr that dese. i did get that other 16 channel one working, it turns out i set it for pal and the monitors did not like it. i do not know how i managed to switch it but i did and now i set it for ntsc and it is back in service. and i can see both my dvr cameras and the ip cameras. so thanks for the ones that read this anyway. all the research did not say how to set this unit up to see both styles of cameras. i have another question but i will start another thread for that one. thanks
  2. corviarbob

    zmodo sbn8 question

    i have a zmodo sbn8 dvr and i want to find out how to set it up so i can see my cameras on my nvr. now i did have another dvr that was 16 channels and i couls see that one on my nvr in fact the nvr found them. that dvr started to fail so i put the old zmodo sbn8 back into service. now i do not remember if i could see the cameras on my nvr before. but it seems to me if i could with the dvr that just failed that i should be able to with the zmodo dvr. i do not have a good name for the dvr that just failed as i had no name with it. but my nvr asks for ipc dvr and hvr and then netip or onvif. then i enter the ip address the port i use to see the cameras over tinycam and the username and password. on the old dvr i had the same info i just copied it over so i did not have to change much on my phone and tablets so n the zmodo dvr i have http port command port media port and mobil port so what port would i use to be able to see the zmodo on the nvr? the nvr asks for camera source type ipc dvr hvr then channel then ip address then port then username and password. and camera type either netip or onvif does anyone know how to set this up and if it can be set up. if not i will have to get another dvr. thanks bp.
  3. corviarbob

    what analog camera will work

    i want to install bullet type cameras inside my house i have 8 outside and i need to find out how to tell what the field of view is? 720p and 1080p for me only lengths the field of view. i see a bit wider view with the 1080p camera but in a room i see less and the 1080p seem to make the image look like it is further away. the 720p make the image more real. but in a room i see maybe half the room if i have them in a corner. so what do i look for when picking cameras. i really do not want fisheye lenses as those are just so hard to focus on anything that to me they are worthless. now it may be that there is not any cams that can show a room complete when in a corner but i have to ask. so do they make this type of cam? and what do they call them? thanks
  4. corviarbob

    nvr and dvr camera questions

    i do try to view them directly. the nvr is recording them. but even though i have the numbers for them in tiny cam i have trouble. that is why i'm going back to the dvr. the only thing i can't do is pan them but for the most part the bullet cams can't pa and the ip cams when i do pan them with the app they go offline and just go into boot loops so i disabled the pan on those cams and now they are like having bullet cams. the nvr see's the onvif cam good but i can't get into the onvif cams to change there setting so i can better secure them. they still have the factory settings and i'm not a fan of leaving them set that way. my ip cams let me change the ip and ports so now they are more secure. thanks for the help i was not asking for any help i replied to a reply about adapters that would let the anaolg cams on the nvr or the nvr cams on the dvr but seems there is no adapters so i will just use the dvr . again thanks for the help on this.
  5. corviarbob

    nvr and dvr camera questions

    tom they do not have any make in particular. it very well may be that the app will not wrok but the ap does find them when i do a search and for the most part see them when home. it see every camera great when away but for the 2 onvif cameras it will not see them at all. and the apps for them even has issues. when gone. we may have talked about this before i ask a ton of questions about a ton of things and forget some. so i'm going to not try anymore with the onvif cameras and just set up my system using the analog cameras as the ip cams fail. again thanks no need to pursue the onvif stuff as it just is not working for me.
  6. corviarbob

    nvr and dvr camera questions

    i want to view them remotely the nvr does record the 3 cameras connect for the testing but i can't see 2 of them away and only 1 good at home the other 2 are so so. half the time they show and then don't. i use the tinycam app and can see all the dvr and ip cams and now and then the nvr cams, so that is why i'm just getting away from the nvr. and the 3 onvif cams i just can't chande even the user name and password so they don't seem very secure to me. thanks
  7. corviarbob

    nvr and dvr camera questions

    i don't know if they look like this or not but it sounds by what your saying is it just will not work. i have since started down another road with this. i'm just going to take all the ip cameras out and replace them with analog cameras like i have outside and just use the dvr to record them. i have a 16 channel dvr and i set it up to see when i'm away from home so now as the ip cams start to fail i will replace them with the analog cameras and just be done with this mess. i now have a zmodo dvr and 8 cams outside and they record great and i see them no matter where i'm at. the ip cams i have now i see the same but they do not record. i put sd cards in them and those fails so fast that they are not reliable. i installed an nvr and that is giving me so many fits that now i just have it setting on the bench looking at 3 cameras and i can't see these when i'm home or away from home and i have tried just about everything to see them. thanks for the help
  8. can some tell me if nvr's have channels like dvr's do? i have both and the dvr has 8 inputs and 8 channels. my nvr has o input and will show the 4 cameras on the network. i have seen some nvr's that have 4 or 8 or more input ports do these nvr's have that many channels like the dvr's do? i use tiny cam to monitor the dvr and nvr cameras plus some ip cams hard wired to the network. if the nvr's that have multiple ports and maybe that many channels ale me view the cameras plugged into those ports like the dvr does, allow me to just change the channel for each camera. if so that shure would make it easier. thanks.
  9. thanks for the help i no longer need any help with this i just took the ip cameras i was trying to get on this setup and tossed them in the garbage. i will go with a zmodo that i know works. again thanks so much for trying to help call this closed and done.
  10. thanks that is what i was asking. i said i do not need to see them when i'm gone. i just want to record the feed form them and when i'm home i can see what going on if i want to. again thanks the other ip cam site said no i can't do this and they want me to get a vpn service or router or what ever. i have the ip cams all on there own ip address now. but when i use the tiny cam app i still can't see them when home with out porting them the apps tells you to do it and so does alexy tell yo to do it. so i'm going by wht the developer told me to do with viewing the cameras home and away. thanks for that.
  11. if i do not forward it i can't see my cameras away from home. alexey that owns the tiny cam app told me i have to do it. and it says so in the app. sorry but i can oly tell you waht they tell me. thanks all i asked is if anyone here knows if i can set up a router all by itself and then the nvr to it. must be now one know thanks ok lets start over . does anyone know if i can set up a router any make to be a stand along router and then connect it to a network switch with the nvr so i can only see my cameras when i'm home and can't see them when i gone? all i want to do is record the camera. is that simple enough? thanks
  12. i have them on an nvr now. but tell me this then if you can? like i said i had to reset the modem router combo i have and then all i did was forward the 554 port. and this morning when i was at my girls house i got on my tinycam app and all i could see what the 4 onvif cameras and i then 2 of the cameras i could se in 2 camera sections each. so i went into the settings and i removed the port the username and password for them and i still saw them. that tells me they are not very secure. that is why i asked if i just ran them on a router all by themselves so i can't see them anymore when gone. but i should at home as i will be inside the routers range. i understand the nvr connected them all together but it seems those cameras like anything for information to et you see them. do you understand what i'm saying? it seems these cameras are not as secure because i can't change any user info on them can't change the username password ports not even the cam name so i have to id the cams by there ip address. this is not very secure. thanks
  13. i tried that and the onvif cameras are not stable when out of the house. and like i said this morning after i had to reset my modem i only ported the 554 and i could see 2 of my onvif cams without having any port or usernames or passwords. that is not secure at all. my tiny cam app found them in a few minutes. when i was at my girls house. so that is why i'm not setting up remote on them. plus i have 5 wifi cams that have the wifi turned off and hardwired to a network switch and then the modem. i can see those good home or away and they are far better for being secure. thanks
  14. ok today i deleted the onvif cameras and reinstalled them. the onvif cameras will not let me change there usernames and passwords no can i change the exports so they just are not secure. after the reset i forwarded the 554 port only. this morning i was at my girls house and i could see the sricam and the sdeter cams just by having the ip address and the 554 inputted into the tinycam app. so if this will not make them secure then i do not want to have them on my internet system but just have them on there own internal system to keep any chance of my system getting hacked becasue of open ported cameras. so all i want now with the onvif cameras is to have them on my nvr so the nvr can just record just like my zmodo system does. to bad i can't secure them enough to see them when outside the house. i have other cameras that i was able to change the username and passwords on and also the ports so the ports are way out in left field like passwords and should be harder to hack into. so if this sounds like it will work i will do this instead of having these onvif cameras on my regular network. if not i will take the system apart and part it out and get more wifi ip cameras that i can change the parameters on and just get big sd cards for them and record internal to them. i tried that on the ones i have now and it was hard to get them to record on they did record but i just could not get the video to play on the app i use. anyway thanks for the help
  15. thanks but nord says my modem will not work. so it seems i may have to get a router and get that connected to the modem. i have a netgear router and have tried a few times to get that thing connected to the modem but it just will not connect. so i was looking to get another newer modem router combo but the ipcam site tells me that will not work? and everyone else says it will so i'm getting confused to what works and what doesn't. the modem i have now is the c3700 model and it has a built in router. last night i connect the netgear router r6300 to the netgear c3700 modem/router and i can see the 6300 but if i connect to it i can't get on the internet in fact it says no internet. so then i restore the setting on them both and then turned off the ssid on the 3700 modem and the same thing happened. so i reset them both again and this time i turned off the router on the 3700 modem router combo and still i could get on the 6300 router but not the internet the 6300 unit told me it had not internet connection. then it would get on the internet and then it would go off the internet. the whole time the wifi and internet lights on the 6300 router are lit and seem to say they are on. plus the netgear name was flashing like it was doing stuff. so before i can do anything with the vpn stuff i first need to get a router that will connect to the internet, so that i do not have issues i figure the combo units are the best way to go. but then i get mixed signals about that. i talked to a guy last night that sets up security stuff and he told me i do not need a vpn machine or program/service that the ip address and username and password are all i need and i have to port them. i have a zmodo dvr and i have that ported and changed the username and password and i can see that at home or gone. i have 5 neo coolcam wifi cameras and i changed the username and password on them and the ports so i do not have to use 80 or 5000 or 80 8080 or 554 and they work good home or gone. i have 4 onvif cams, sricam, wanscam, sdeter and i do not know the last name it is not on the camera. but i can't change the user names or the passwords or the ports. they use 80 or 5000 or 8080 and most everyone tells me these aren't ports to be leaving open for looking at the cameras. and i agree but i just can't manage to change them. nothing seems to work. i even tried the onvif manage program and that will not change anything on these onvif cameras. and the apps that i have to run them will not show that information so i can't change them from there apps. so i asked on the other site if there was some type of adapter or converter that would let me take the onvif cameras that use the cat5 cable and convert them so i can use them on a dvr. and then 3 replies later some guy got on his high horse about getting a router with a vpn. he said asus and i called asus and asus told me they do not have router or modems with that installed. so i then found on ebay a guy that sells routers that have the ww-wrt on them but it turns out that is a reflashed unit. so the guy on the other site may have had his reflashed and was trying to tell me to get another router and i did not know he had his reflashed. so that must be how people are getting machines with the vpn stuff on them. netgear also told me on the phone that there machine do not come from the mfg. with vpn on them. so i'm back at the very beginning, trying to see if i can get the onvnif cameras to connect to a dvr with some type of adapter or converter? if not i will take them offline and just sell them and go back to a dvr, at least i can secure that by being able to change the user information. thanks