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  1. corviarbob

    is there a tinycam app section here

    well that may be i guess but then what you going to do? do you have security cameras? if so they have to be linked to something. i have my ports all changed and not using 80 or 88 or any of the ports normally used and are my ports open says my system is hidden. so if that is wrong i guess it is as you say. i even disabled the admin on the nvrs and dvrs so that should keep china out but my guess is they may have a back door most electronics do that is how the hacker get in. as fr tinycam my phone has no banking on it so china can look at it all day long. but my guess is alexea has better things to do than watch my cameras they do not show much but what you can see for the road? thanks
  2. i have 20 ip cameras and a 25 ch nvr in the kitchen and also 2 dvrs and an nvr in the utility room they all get the same feeds but i also have the tiny cam app on my phone and now my foscam cameras are getting old and they may soon start to fail. so i will be in need of a new system so i'm looking again for some ptz cameras. most i see on ebay are wifi-nvr units and i figure they will just talk to there base station so they should not drop out there feed between there own base like my foscams did using my cable modem. but i would like to know it anyone has had luck with the tiny cam app on some of the newer systems? i see that tiny cam has not updated to many of the newer systems now, unless he has been updating it and my phone is not getting the updates? but i have installed his app last week on a new device and it does not have any more makes and models than the app on my phone i have had for years. i try to ask ales questions but he does not ever answer me anymore. he use to reply but i figure he is busy and can't, but he does not answer on the other forum either. so is there a tinycam forum i might try or is there another app that may work the same or better than tinycam?
  3. i have a bunch of ip cams 8 are on a dvr-nvr unit and 8 foscams on the same dvr-nvr unit and all on the tinycam app. i have been looking on ebay for some outside type ip cameras with ptz action. just about everyone now are wifi and not hard wired. mine area all hard wired as when i had them on wif the feed was terrible. anyway i may be able to do some crapshoots with some ebay cameras and tinycam may run them but what i need now is a pc program that will let me not only run the program for monitoring the cameras at least the network foscam type ip cams and also allow me to get into the settings to make username password and port changes at a minimum. now i use the foscam program but that will not work on other cameras. i did have a program and a few years ago window stopped supporting the adobie and so that camera program stopped working. so if anyone knows of a program that is free at least to try and maybe some outside type ip cams that tinycam will run and do ptz please send that along.
  4. corviarbob

    xvim dvr viewing questions

    above you see media port is set to what the tiny cam says to set it to. but i have different web ports and rstp ports already forwarded on the modem. i forwarded the 34567 and still nothing. below os the next page on the xvim network page. thanks
  5. i got a xvim dvr with cameras. and for the most part it seems to be working good. i use tinycam for my phone to view the cameras. i use to have the zmodo dvr and i could see my cameras at home and away, but on this xvim i only see my cameras at home. the network and the network back page has different names for the settings and i'm not figuring this out. so is there any chance someone here has the xvim dvr and uses tinycam and might be able to help me out with this? attached are the xvim network pages and i need to know what fields i need to use for the port settings. The tiny cam says to use for the web port 34567 and i set my cameras to that and nothing when away even in the remote web port and rstp that number fails. now i have it forwarded on the modem so it should get out. but i must be using the wrong fields.
  6. corviarbob

    zosi systems are they any good

    have a question a bit off topic but for the cameras system. i got a 5g tmobile gry tincan gateway and it will not port forward. but the store says they get port forwarding on there system and the tmobile website person i called to cancel the 5g gateway said the 4g lte does port forwarding. so does anyone have the tmobile 4g lte modem/gateway and have it forwarding there cameras? i tired for a week to forward my system with the 5g modem/gateway and i could not get it. and on the tmobile forums they say it can't be done. but i have not asked yet on the 4g lte forums as i found out this infor yesterday and have not been on that forum. but as long as i'm here maybe someone has this 4g lte setup and it is working. if so i may go with that for my internet and cameras and ditch comcast. i do not need tv just internet. thanks
  7. corviarbob

    zosi systems are they any good

    thanks i have not got one. i have a nvr that show 25 cameras it was sold as a 32 cameras system but for some reason i only get 25. and i have 6 foscams r2 cameras on it and 12 zmodo analog cameras on it. i think i will start getting ip cameras and then i have pts and zoom if needed. and i can use the analog camera cabling to power them and run new cat5 or 6 cable out from the network remote switching thanks
  8. corviarbob

    heimvision hm202a quetion

    i put this camera back in the box and set on the shelf. i got a refund for it. i tired about 6 ip cm programs on it and the only one that did anything was it's own app. tinycam did a bit but none of the other apps would even find it. if you can't change the username and password and thoe ports are open to hackers then it is useless. that may be why it was a cheap camera makes no difference that it was from china as they all are. but this was a cheap unit.
  9. corviarbob

    zosi systems are they any good

    what is the consciences on the zosi brad of analog camera systems? i see this one zosi h.265 8 ch 5mp lite 1080p hd system. my neighbor has 1080p bullet cameras and i had i on my bench setting up 2 cameras that just did not want to connect to his base. and when i zoomed in they were real clear. can't speak for night vision as i did not have them over night. being my zmodo is old and will not support modern camera now and will not support hd camera as tome has instructed me, i'm looking at just replacing it and this one looks good to me being it is like my neighbors. he has the wifi model and i would go for that but i can't see the cameras on my phone app and my 25ch nvr will not pick them up either, so going with a wired system will save me the trouble of running cat cable as i have the dvr cable installed now. it is cheaper to get the system than to just by all new cameras that will not work with my dvr and the dvr separate. what does the lite mean? my neighbors system show all the cameras the same quality and will show 1,2,4 at a time. or all 8 thanks
  10. corviarbob

    tmezon analog camera help

    yes sir i figured that out. thanks i will figure out something now that you have helped me figure out that tmezon camera. i have a few options to figure out. i told the ebay seller the camera s ok and not to do a refund as my dvr is the fault. not sure yet but i'm leaning on the kkmoon unit with 4 cameras as that is how most are sold. and the cameras i have now should fill an 8 ch dvr up just fine. again thanks for the help
  11. corviarbob

    tmezon analog camera help

    yes you did and when i ask what you recommend you gave me links to expensive units. you did not like the kkmoon unit or that is how i read your reply. i'm not going to spend 500$ on a dvr for what i use it for. thanks i tired to post the tmezon camera info but i'm limited to 1.2mb so maybe another time but the tmezon has the same ahd on it. my dvr seems to like cbvs but for some reason that white camera is working so i must have been able to switch it to what the dvr likes. the new tmezon as you say must be more than my dvr can handle. so i think i will get the kkmoon unit and see how it works. only thing i have to lose is shipping time thanks
  12. corviarbob

    tmezon analog camera help

    ok i guess so check out this and tell me if you think it is an ahd camera? it show on the dvr that is all i can say.
  13. corviarbob

    tmezon analog camera help

    ok thanks one tmezon runs and one does not. but i have a ahd camera runing on it now it is a analog hd camera nst-cb4-1-1 and i looked it up on ebay and it was advertised as an hd camera. and form what i have read ahd cameras are analog hd cameras. now that may be a 720p hd and not a 1080p hd. they do not give you much for info on them. and i think i said earlier that i did a voltage reading and both cameras are out putting 16 mv so that 1080p camera is working. so either i get a zosi dvr 4x1 or a kkmoon dvr 5x1 and then i can run all the cameras i have. or i get 300$ worth of foscam cameras and then run cat cable and power to them. it is much easier to just take down the old cameras and plug in a new dvr and be down with it. and then find the new dvr on the 25 ch nvr to record them in one place for monitoring them. thanks for the help.
  14. corviarbob

    tmezon analog camera help

    ok that may be true for the 25 ch nvr but when i look at the video it is clear enough for me to see faces on the ip cams. i'm thinking about doing just that taking down the bullet cameras and putting up more foscam cameras. i have a sketch now of where i may want to install some. they re getting cheap enough now on ebay to get them for a few bucks. for what i need i do not have to spend a tin of money. then i have to run more cat5 cable and power. but then i have ptz zoom if needed and hd 2mp or greater cameras. and i can ditch the small nvr and dvr. anyway thanks by the way the thread started out asking about 2 tmezon bullet cameras . and i thnk the reason i cans see that last one is it is hd and my dvr will not process that much signal. thanks
  15. corviarbob

    tmezon analog camera help

    guess i do not know what that statement is about going backwards. if your asking why go to a dvr when i have a 25 ch nvr. well i have 12 dvr cameras and 6 ip cameras and the nvr will not get the dvr cameras unless they are processed and then put on the network. and the 5x1 dvr nvr recorder will be able to use any camera i have now and down the road. currently i have 2 of the 12 failing and have to replace them and the tmzeon i just got to do that seems to not work on the zmodo so i guess it is time to update that old dvr so zosi has a 5x1 unit and kkmoon has one for what i'm watching i do not need to spend 5k on a system that is looking at the back yard the garages and the mail box. when a 100$ unit just may do the job. that heimvision camera i have testing on the table now using wifi an on tinycam but i do not like it being on onvif and port 80 so i'm going thru tinycams avaiable cameras and so far i have found 3 that show it good but no ptz and maybe not presets. but i'm just getting to the t's so i may find one that works. and if so and i can change out the username and password plus the ports i may just keep it. if not they will refund me and i can toss it in the trash after i smash it. thanks