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Vista NPX/KBD/J3De manual

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I have a Vista NPX/KBD/J3De keyboard/Joystick to operate a PTZ dome camera and am looking for a manual for the keyboard.  I need to see if there is a calibration process or a menu system on the keyboard as recently, as soon as I select the dome camera, the camera starts to move slowly in a very small step sequence, I have no tours or presets configured as that was my first thought.  it I unplug the keyboard in-between the step movements then it stops moving, if I plug the keyboard back in it remains stationary until I select the camera again.  I'm hoping I can calibrate the joystick it stop this from happening.

I can still move the camera and zoom in/out as normal but if I stop the camera to watch something it continues with these small step movements which means I have to keep adjusting the camera, which is annoying and inconvenient. in order to move the camera to watch a scene I have to unplug the keyboard so it doesn't wonder off.



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