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tour stops when shutting down smart pss, Dahua

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Hello, I have a problem with the Dahua DH-XVR5104HS-L2 recorder, I connect to it via p2p via the smart pss program, I have set points and tour there, and while I am logged in to smart pss and have live view enabled, everything works fine, but if I close the smart pss program, the camera continues to record, but it stops rotating. what should I do in such a situation? Thanks for the answers.

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Hi. Once you log out off pss no data can be sent to ptz camera. Basically you have switched off

you need to setup you tours and presets on your recorder or on your ptz camera (recorder is best) also on the dahua under ptz settings you need to tick the box ....resume after interruption 

this allows you to control ptz from pss but once disconnected recorder will have control again


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