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Firstrend IP camera help

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Hello all I mistakenly bough a few Firstrend 5Mp IP cameras from a Ebay seller thinking I could use a standard Cam finding tool to get these to work with my existing NVR. But after contacting FirstrendUSA there initial reply left me hanging in the breeze. No reply after the initial one.

So I am hopig someone here can assist me in seeing IF I can even use these with my existing NVR.

What I need is some tool to change  and set IP address and see if I can set the video output to H.264 onif. (I think that is correct)  I have used a common one called IPInstaller and one other from GW security that I can not off hand remember its name.

Even If I had to somehow reflash the firmware on the cam to something more "standard" I would be more than happy to attempt that. But I do not know what to use to do that as I can not even FIND the cam LOL.

These are the cams I bought.   https://www.ebay.com/itm/174636097214?hash=item28a91f5ebe:g:Xn8AAOSw4XRgJ0vj

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OK some more info that may or may not help. I used wireshark to do ARP request traces and found that I think the CAM is on IP This tells me this is set up as a Class D network (Multicast). I am not sure how to get farther with this as it appears the company that sold these cams use a proprietary way of connecting the cams. 

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