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Hikvision and Crestron

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Upgrading a neighbor to Hikvision NVR.   They currently have Crestron for the Home Automation System.  I already advised them, I will not be doing the programming on Crestron as I hear its complicated.    Are there specific Hikvision NVR's that must be used with Crestron?  Any additional software to purchase?  

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Hi ... depends on your location and how it’s connected to monitoring 

Crestron can either take as alarm activation and send alert to customer ( done via alarm inputs on back of nvr )  or Crestron monitoring settings in nvrs  email alert setting direct to monitoring for real-time video ..... not all monitoring will take new hik connections on 

connection to customers tv is easy as it’s from hdmi to Crestron  av distribution alread in the home ...... but you only have commands like show cctv ..... will only show all cameras on one screen and no control 

if you want more camera control then all cameras need to go to a switch first and then nvr 


So you need to look at a nvr with alarm inputs and outputs 

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