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Lost admin password for Honeywell surveillance DVR

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I have a surveillance hrgx162  Ds80103 honeywell dvr. I do not have the admin password. I am unable to accomplish a factory reset because I am prompted immediately for user name and password before I can enter menu. I tried disconnecting the battery but no luck. There is no reset button or hole therefore only recourse is to start from scratch. Please help me in how I can wipe everything, factory reset, my dvr and go to the default admin password. All help is appreciated.

Note: I called Honeywell technical support and they told me my dvr is too old and they cant help. They suggeated I call ADI and they would help. ADI told me they are a distribution center only and cant help.  I am at a loss 

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Hi.  Neither honey or adi made the unit they just put there sticker on the front

2007 is your unit so they got that part right

are you looking to use this unit as security ?

can’t go on internet

software playback (proprietary)

only cif record


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