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Frank Sebem

Please Identify this camera or suggest an alternative

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Hi all

My work had a system fitted a few years ago.  Recently one of the cameras is showing 'No Video' on the display.  The Hikvision DVR is working fine because 13 other cameras are all showing video OK.  I have tried swapping the camera input (bayonet) cables to different ports at the back of the DVR and it is clear that the actual camera is faulty.  There is power to the camera because when I cover the lens the ring of Infra-Red LEDs light up (and disappear when I move my hand).  The camera is easily accessible and I want to swap it myself.  All seems good up to here... So, I went on Google and typed in the model number (on the sticker at the rear of the cam) and there is literally no info on the cam.  I typed it in the manufacturer's name and again I was stumped.  Therefore, I would be grateful if (using the information provided below) somebody would suggest a camera that I can simply swap.  The existing (faulty) cam is as follows:

Manufacturer: Aveesa

Model: AV1K-FXG

Other Details: Vandalproof IR Dome Camera.  Lens 3.6mm Board Lens.  TVL: 1000TVL SONY CMOS.  Power: DC12v/550 ma

Connections: 1 Bayonet and one other push connector.

The reason why I am asking you guys to suggest a camera for me is because I want to ensure that any replacement I buy has the same connectors, is IR and has at the very least equal picture quality and better if possible.

Thanks for your help all.

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Hi. The easiest way is to buy a 4 in 1 camera they are the same price as a standard camera 

but there backward and forward compatible 

take a look on Amazon and post links on here before you buy

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