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1 IP cam, I laptop - can't get IP adresses configured

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Hi all,

Hope someone can help -

I have an IP cam (a brand new H.view model HV-500G2 which came with it's own IP address and username/password). I want to connect it to a laptop to 24/7 monitor my front yard.

Remote viewing from my phone will not be required and recording video from the camera will be the only thing that the laptop will be doing. 

(The laptop has been reformatted, had a clean windows install and an ssd fitted - running windows 7)

I have spent 3 weeks and scores of times trying to configure the IP address in the laptop 'network settings', 'ipv4' the camera, and all the rest with zero success, it's driving me insane.

(I watched pretty much all of the YT vids concerning this, followed the instructions - still with no luck)

Can anyone please show mercy and take an idiot through the process - simply ?  

Any suggestions on software to use ? - I bought Xeoma but can't get cam to work, so no idea if it's any good/easy to use

Any help would be very much appreciated

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