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Why can't I get 30 fps streaming/remote viewing and recording on ALL channels?

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Hi, new here. Hope I'm posting in the right forum.

I have a Dahua DVR which supports up to 4, I think maybe its 6, 5MP cameras. The model number is dh-xvr5104hs-x1.

I was very pleased with the first camera install and remote viewing/recording experience - I was getting 30 fps @1080p live and a smooth and seamless 30fps when viewing remotely through my smartphone or viewing recorded footage. 

Now, I've installed a second camera but this is one is only giving me a maximum of 7 fps while remote viewing and recording! Uhh.. what?! This makes absolutely zero sense. 

The guy who installed the second camera, swapped camera 1 (channel 1) and tried it on channel 2 and 3 - and sure enough the original camera was also displaying 7 fps @1080p while remote viewing/streaming and recording. 

Is this a very common "thing" in Dahua DVRs? Both cameras are high-quality 5MP with fantastic live viewing output - one is Polo and the other one is Dahua. Why am I getting a full 30 fps @1080p while streaming/recording on channel #1 only? I've read the online instruction manual and specs sheet - there's no mention of this!

Really irked - feels like I wasted the second camera investment and should have just stuck to one camera. I need 30fps on both cameras while away from my premises! There's no setting on the DVR or my smartphone which I can use to up the frames. Is this how it is supposed to be?

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Hi yes it’s the same on most units 

These are streaming settings not recording settings that should not be affected 

no stream or substream will give you 5mp at 30 fps 



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No, streaming and recording are both affected. 

I was playing around with some settings and it seems the best I can get on streaming and recording is 15fps per camera at full HD 1080p. It's fine on live viewing - looks crystal clear at 30 fps, 6144kbps bit rate on cam 1 and 30 fps 4068kbps on cam 2. But streaming and recording can only be 30 fps channel/cam 1, on cam 2 it's just 7 fps! The best compromise is 15/15 fps on both cams for streaming and recording @1080p. 

If I lower the resolution on both cams to 960 * 1080, THEN I get 30 fps streaming and recording on both cams. But err....quality isn't all that 'super-duper' when viewing on my smartphone remotely, lol.  

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