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camera only seen through wifi

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I have two identical ip-cameras, both running through the v380pro android app, Both are connected via LAN to the router, their settings are identical, their ips are pretty similar and the router doesn't have any forwarding or blocking rules defined for any of their ips or macs..
When my phone is on the router's wifi, then everything is fine and i can watch both cams. However when my phone is on 4G (or another wifi network), camera A seems fine while camera B seems not connected,

Edit - in fact when my phone on the same router's wifi, sometimes everything is fine but sometimes i get only camera A, same as happens on 4G.

Any ideas on what this could be?

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Yes I am. 

My network config is:

  • Modem connected to Tp-link router. A TP-Link hub is connected via cable to the router and both cameras connect via cable to the hub.
  • IP provided by DHCP. I changed it on the router to a static IP, but this didn't change a thing.
  • There are no QoS, routing, forwarding etc. rules. I have 100mbps internet so it should handle the cameras.
  • I use V380Pro to view the cameras. One camera is fine, the other can only be seen through LAN 
    (a third camera, connected to the router via wifi - is also fine)
  • No VPN used

Any ideas on what it could be?


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Hi. By using your email to login means your using a p2p server you are not connecting direct to your cameras or recorder if using one. 

are you using a nvr or just on the app

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