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Construction sites monitoring

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I am running up to three sites at the same time and it's time to invest in security but I really don't know what the best system would be.

My requirements are the following:

- up to three small construction sites at the same time / the locations keep changing every three months on average, WiFi available on site,

- need two outdoor battery powered cameras per site, plus doorbell, plus sometimes perimeter monitoring,

- ideally one week in the cloud recorded data, maximum one month if weekly not available but local NVR acceptable too if solution too expensive,

- I need to see everything as admin. Each site can only be accessed by the relevant site manager.

Can anyone guide me?

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi Bolshoi,

I thinks it's recomended to use NVR but maybe need more cost. But if we see from the effectiveness, the IP system is more powerfull and simplivity.

Using NVR, IP camera, POE switch, and for the backup it's need the small UPS around 800 VA.

For the cloud, you can integration the NVR device such as dahua and hikvision with cloud platform (Drive, Dopbox, etc).

Hope can solve your question.




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