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Unable to change day/night profile time Dahua DVR FW 4.0

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Guys, thanks for your reading this post.  I am a complete newbie to my Dahua DVR.  I googled online and found that the FW 3.0 allows users to define the day and night time but the FW4.0 seems to not have this option anymore. 

I want to define the time my camera turns to IR mode. 

Any suggestion is much appreciated. 

2021-09-09 21_26_06-WEB SERVICE and 11 more pages - Work - Microsoft​ Edge.png

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Hi. This is a bit understood with a few FW with dahua and the problem is not with the recorder it’s the cameras

with standard cameras IR is switched on and off via sensor in the camera so dvr does not have control of this feature. 
If you have cameras that allow this control then you would have access via dvr menu 

do you have control of your cameras menu via the ptz settings on the dvr

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