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House and DVR struck by lightning, what fried?

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A tree at the side of my house where I had my fta antenna in, got hit by lightning. It fried my tvs, transformers, stereo and other equipment including only one port on my dvr (all others were ok). I simply switched the camera to a port I had free and it worked. Actually had one transformer putting out 7 vDC instead of 12. Simply changed it and it worked.  However, it said that I have no network connected to my dvr. Did the network port if there is such a thing on my dvr get fried? I am getting a new router from my isp as I think the ports in the router were fried. What do you think happened? Did the ethernet cable get damaged? I don't want to switch that out.... Will know more when I replace the router.

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I got my new router and the net light on my dvr is still out?? Did I fry my network port. I'm going to try and run a cable from my router to my dvr to see if the cable was ruined.

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