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Found 44 results

  1. I have multiple Dahua DVRs and each one has multiple user accounts. Each time I want to edit a user account (remove access from a camera, change password, or simply remove the user) I can't, and I get the error that says: "user is in use now" as shown in the image attached below. To solve this, I have to manually go to the user's PC and close the SmartPSS software(or manually log out from the DVR) to be able to make the new changes that I want. How do I make changes to users that have the SmartPSS software already running, or at least be able to log them out without having to do it from their computers? Dahua DVR models: DHI-XVR5108HS-4KL DHI-XVR5116H-4KL DH-XVR5116H-4KL-X Software: Smart PSS Thank you.
  2. Hi there! I have a TS8OA-3520D-FLK V3.02 20131017 HCSN 14 10 DVR motherboard and I am not able to find any way to hard reset it. I could not managed to find any reset button or any reset pads on the board. There is any way to reset this board? More images at higher resoltion here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HD8QZqcvfT_hpR03kMSyr1TnxShdloCU?usp=sharing
  3. AnasMirza8867

    Custom view on DVRs

    Hey guys , So the problem is , i have 5 ip cameras lets name them for ease Cam1-2-3-4-5 i want to display the output to three led’s (locally) but the issue is , one from the three ouput shouldn’t show the cam5. so as per my understanding i need another XVR . how could i connect my secondary XVR to primary XVR , or if you guys have any better idea , im all ears . thanks
  4. Hi, I am trying to share the access to some cameras with a friend using the HiLook app. I successfully shared the device, but when they try to see live video from that an encryption password is requested for them. I am the administrator but I don't know where to find that encryption passowrd. Can I find it somewhere using my HiLook app?
  5. Hello everyone, good day. I have a problem with a 16CH HD SDI DVR from the Eyeview brand model HID1608HL, it turns out that I bought it on the street without abiding by the problem it brought, since for the configuration I clearly needed a password that I do not have and researching all over the internet I find that It is a Chinese brand that is not seen much and when reviewing the Eyeview page this model seems as if it were discontinued because it does not have any type of manual and I cannot find information anywhere to be able to delete the ADMIN password that it asks for. I have tried with all the possible keys, with DVR key generators with the date, I have removed the battery and changed it for a new one giving it a period of 2 hours without the battery, and it continues with the password and I don't longer know what more I can do please if someone can help me with this thank you very much.
  6. HI My aunt purchased a QVIS DVR Viper in 2021 and someone installed it. She's in her 70s and she cannot remember her admin password or who installed it. She wants to continue using the unit and get access to footage because she thinks someone stole her shoe bag outside of the house. I said I would have a look to see what I could do but there is no reset password option. There is only a dynamic password option?? I do not think QVIS exists anymore either. Is there anyone that can help with the dynamic password please? I have included a screenshot. Thanks
  7. A few months ago I bought a house with CCTV installed and I know very little about CCTV and have no manuals for the system. The DVR has stopped working on both the monitor screen that is connected to it and the explorer app on my iPhone. A reboot of the system makes no difference, all I have is a blank monitor. There is a blue flashing light on the front of the DVR. The unit is an Oyn-x but there no name all I have is the following information - Oyn-x item code 4X5-5 1TB Model code 4X5-4BB 5 in 1 unit 1 SATA 4ch without I/O Can anyone advise what else to check as a reboot makes no difference or recommend a compatible replacement DVR as I think this one is broken?
  8. I need help gaining access to my AVTECH MODEL AVR-7604LN - COMPRESSION H.264 . The user is Admin and I have tried several generic passwords and generators with no success.  Also i tried many firmware file for this board , DVR power and work up with different name and logo without password but cameras not work , this DVR support 1080N AHD , but most of this firmware is for 720p firmware for this DVR size is 16mg "MACRONIX MX25L6433F - DVR AVTECH" AHB700XT8-3520D V4.03B 0197166178 link of firmware and startup rerecord firmware in this link has password "i don't know it " i backup it from bios ic https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1s3k3ZLlFVC3I6bW5vkZ8QgRwHR9XIZcF can someone please help a brother out. 
  9. I am new to cctv, making changes for last 10 days but every time a new problem arises. right now I am facing an issue which is my nvr records a video in approx 1 min or 30s files. set to motion recording, if there is an ongoing motion of 2 mins the recorded video in 1st file is good but, in second video the recording is not starting just after it finished after a first video there is a gap of 4-6s. following is my Devices pls guide me to achieve best settings. I am from India. Camera Specifications Hikvision 2MP POE Bullet Camera Max. Resolution :1920 × 1080 Shutter Time :1/3 s to 1/100, 000 s Main Stream : 50 Hz: 25 fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720) : 60 Hz: 30 fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720) Video Compression: Main stream: H.265/H.264/H.265+/H.264+ : Sub-stream: H.265/H.264/MJPEG : Third stream: H.265/H.264 Video Bit Rate : 32 Kbps to 8 Mbps H.264 Type : Baseline Profile/Main Profile/High Profile H.265 Type : Main Profile NVR Specifications Hikvision DS-7W04NI-Q1/4P 4-Channel Built-in PoE NVR Supports H.265/H.264/H.265+/H.264+ HDD 500GB Internet 40Mbps rated, actual speed 40-50Mbps Total 5 Devices connected at a time, MacBook, TV, ipad, cell phone & NVR Below is my current settings: Motion detection On resolution 1920x1080P video quality: Highest fps: 25 pre & post recording set to: 10s Bitrate: Constant 4096 Compression: H.264+
  10. He there, Does anyone have an idea how these XmEye like Apps connect to your recorder at home? Do they directly connect to your recorder through internet and home router or they connect to some other 3rd party server (somewhere else), which our recorder streams too?
  11. Is there a way to completely unlock a QSee DVR? I was given two QSEE qc9916 DVRs that were being thrown out at work. They are still in good working condition, but they are password locked. I guess its works if you only want live view from your TV. The date/time reset after I removed the battery, but its still password locked. Admin/Admin didn't work. I even tried typing the serial number as a password.
  12. I lost my password for my XYTRON DVR XY6216 AHD H.264 Network DVR (16 Channel). Does anyone know the default password please.
  13. Good morning, I have a small issue with one of my cameras on a hik vision dvr. Does anyone know how to remove this "OUTDOOR MODE" menu thing ? Mouse isn't able to select the options and connecting a keyboard to the dvr doesn t do anything. Thanks !
  14. Hi...first I'm very noob at this DVR stuff as this is my first time. I got this DVR in my friend's restaurant which he bought last month and it was there from the beginning and belongs to the previous owner before. It is an 8-channel DVR. obviously, that DVR is password protected and I know neither the admin nor the master password plus found no tail of it on the web. Looking for some USB flash firmware (Official or custom) as I can't find any on the web. also, I don't know the system number as I can't login. Also, this DVR has no reset switch or shorting point/jumper inside the board. Here below are some backside and inside pictures of that DVR. As it has Hisilicon Hi3520 SoC so looking for some hope. One more thing, I checked via Nmap this has no telnet open so forget about that hack.
  15. Hi Everyone, I have a OYN-X Trio NVR IP AHD 960H 16Chn (Model NITRO-TRI-16BB) with a HiSilicon Hi3521a Part Number on the board is AHB70XXt16-3521A V1.03 Manufacture date looks to be 18 Feb 2016 I've tried every password reset tool i can find on the internet, (SuperPassword Generators 1 to 4 for HiSilicon plus loads of others) But i don't think i've found the right one, There are others on here, that have posted passwords for other users, (for older dates) and when i try replicate them with all the password generators i found, they don't match up so i don't think i've come across the right one just yet. Could someone point me in the right direction or send me over a Code for whatever date you post it please? (and maybe the following date, just in case :-P) Thanks,
  16. Hi there, I have a H.View DVR labelled DVR-WB104 on the bottom with a sticker and MBD6004D in the system info menu. The firmware is from 2015, is quite buggy, the web interface is completely broken, it uses nvsip which I don't know much about and very little info appears to exist (please link if you have info) and the old mobile apps have been taken down and APK downloaded versions do not work. The desktop software, CMS, works fine for live monitoring but remote playback is buggy. There is a USB update facility but no apparent firmware for download anywhere. Does anyone have any additional information regarding this device? It works mostly apart from the bugs and I'd like to get remote functions working again, preferrebly using custom software or something. Root access would be awesome if possible.
  17. I have bought a used AVR-808 (H265+ capable DVR with XMEye cloud app) but it has password to access it. I have tried default password and password generated by "CCTV Super Password" apps with no luck. Pull the battery off also not give any help. When I tried to scan verification code, it send the code to the email address that might be the former owner. Is there any way I can hard reset it? or maybe a Superpassword? Any kind of help I would be appreciate it.
  18. Is it possible to send audio from a HikVision ColorVu analogue camera that supports audio over coax and then split it at the DVR end? My supplier said this camera would work with this DVR but I can’t see any Audio over Coax option in the spec The model of the camera is 5MP DS-2CE72KF0T-FS Hikvision (2,8mm) 3K fixed lens ColorVu turret camera with audio The model of the DVR is iDS-7208HUHI-K1/4S(UK STD)(B)4A+ALM8/4
  19. I have a 4-channel Hikvision CCTV camera system. I want to use solar power to operate them. But I am not sure about which kind of batteries to use. It has been a few years since I installed these cameras for my warehouse; this was done with the help of CCTV installation services in Bangalore. But last year, I changed one of the cameras with the help of my friend's company; they are a few months old startups and have only minimal experience in this. However, it won't be good to go back and get help from the first agency as we drop them in between. Anyhow, we somewhat tried. I used a 100amp hour deep cycle battery, 140-watt solar panel, and 10 amp MPPT Solar controller. The cameras and DVR are all 12 volt DC so planning to connect them all to the controller directly, not sure about the output. How much distance should be between the camera and DVR to avoid voltage drop or, should I have to increase the thickness of the cable to correct this? Also, what kind of solar panel and inverter to use?
  20. i have an old 2015 model of sort DVR with system version DVR-G004L-EC 2.0.0000.6 release date 2015-05-06 it'll start recording automatically when you turn it on. and then every 59 seconds itll flash the date 2000-12-30 23:59:59 then it reverts into the system default of 2001-01-01 00:00:00 and then will record and set the recordings time on 2001till it all loops like that, if you even try to change the time and date to the current, itll only keep recording of current time then when the next 59 second hits the clock it still reverts to the 2001 date i've already did a format on the hardrive to clean the files, and did a hard reset on the device to load the default settings and all the box says the name "smart watch" H.264 DVR anybody knows how and where to find the latest software to flash it if possible. cant upload "large files" so i hope the link for some images works... box: version: back of the unit: front of the unit:
  21. ceylonese.escape


    Hi im stuck in a situation where I can gain access to my dvr as I forget my login . But I got to know there is way that I can reset by putting the time . I’m unable to do it . If anyone could help me out please . I’ve attached the photos below DVR MANUFACTURER - TITANIUM MODEL NUMBER - ED8004H5-B Titanium ED8008H5-B 8-Channel TVI/AHD/CVI/IP Hybrid Digital Video Recorder, Embedded Linux Operating System, H.265, 1 Audio In/1 Audio Out, 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 8 BNC, 2 Way Audio, 2 USB, 1 RS485 actual images of GUI uploaded below https://pasteboard.co/w0dOY1MSxYSv.jpg https://pasteboard.co/1OOckpBN76Ky.jpg https://pasteboard.co/nCKGFNyUWAI4.jpg please help me
  22. I Have ANRAN IP CAMERA Model CA43 that has capable of WiFi connectivity, but my concern is how can i connect it to the NVR or DVR, because the NVR has ONVIF support but this camera has none, so how can i connect this to nvr when it has no feature onvif on it? ... can i use the rtsp or the CloudID. maybe you guys have solution to this, i think my camera is Standalone only for APP DVR and also this IP Camera has no Browser Capability. Hope you can help me guys. Thanks!
  23. A tree at the side of my house where I had my fta antenna in, got hit by lightning. It fried my tvs, transformers, stereo and other equipment including only one port on my dvr (all others were ok). I simply switched the camera to a port I had free and it worked. Actually had one transformer putting out 7 vDC instead of 12. Simply changed it and it worked. However, it said that I have no network connected to my dvr. Did the network port if there is such a thing on my dvr get fried? I am getting a new router from my isp as I think the ports in the router were fried. What do you think happened? Did the ethernet cable get damaged? I don't want to switch that out.... Will know more when I replace the router.
  24. Hello I am new to this forum and just bought a DVR from a local brand but I want to add more cameras to my DVR but it only supports 16 cameras which are full so I was wondering if I could connect a wireless nvr like the eziviz wireless nvr to my DVR via a Ethernet port and use the wireless cameras all on one app any adivice would be appreciated thank you
  25. Hi All, I am having same issue Admin Password was set some time ago when i had a take away, now i have come to install it in to a frends pub Admin password for the life of me i have tried all my usual ones. Make is : Qvis pion-mk3-8bb Date showing is 2021-08-12 time 23.00 https://home.mycloud.com/action/share/f4c8986c-166a-46f7-9c61-18fc244a8fe7 Many thanks in advance if some technical wis is able to asist me have a great day and stay safe Gareth