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Cameras no IR on nay camera - very strange -

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Good afternoon,

I have a very strange issue, I have asked the company I purchased the equipment from , however although they helped a little they wouldnt take a camera back to test it for me.

So, in our shop I have a Hikvision IP system with 3 cameras, 2 internal domes and an exterior one.

One evening I checked on the cameras using  IVMS and noticed our shop was in blackness, weird. The IR didnt seem to be working at all on any camera. It was as if the IR had been turned of altogethor.

Next morning I accessed the recorder then the cameras, everything was as it should be; I had changed nothing in the lead up to this.

I have reset every camera manually using the reset button and updated both the firmware on the cameras and recorder. Nope, still no joy.

Any ideas ?  The cameras work flawlessly otherwise.

The cameras do switch to b/w in low light.


System :


2 x DS-2CD2142FWD-I(2.8mm)



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