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Hi all, I retired back in May and started an eCommerce business that does, on occasion generate walk-up customers. I had a 12 camera security system installed back in 2014 (analog cameras setup) and was mostly happy with it. However, over the last few months several cameras have stopped working and about a month ago the HD stopped recording. I replaced the HD but it still wouldn't record. Today the local power company decided I didn't need electricity for about 15-20 seconds and when it came back on, the DVR started beeping every 5-10 seconds. When I looked at it, it seemed to be trying to boot up but would restart and beep again, doing this over and over.

My choices seem to be, buy another analog DVR and hope all is well or to invest in a digital system since analog stuff is becoming more and more scarce every day and the better video quality that digital seems to have.

I have decided to NOT replace the cameras that I have inside my home which drops my requirements from a 12 camera setup to a 6 camera setup. I'd like to get two PTZ cameras of better than ok quality along with four non-PTZ cameras with better than ok quality with two of them being mounted inside or in a location that would be totally out of the weather except for temperature.

Looking for suggestions as to Make and model of both the cameras and DVD which offers the best bang for the buck. A portion of the outlay will be a tax write-off for the business (home based firearm sales) but don't want to break the bank for obvious reasons.

So what does everyone say? I hope there is enough experience here to give some quality direction to this endeavor.



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