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Need guidance on replacing Camera system for a small school

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I'm the volunteer IT guy for a small private school and have been for 30 years... We currently have a Geovision DVR card based system with 20 cameras.  We have a main system in 1 building and a secondary stem in the second.  Both are very old and failing, so it's time to bring it into this century.   I use a PC Geovision NVR with 16 IP cameras at home, but now they are requiring an expensive license just for the software and even more per channel if you don't use their cameras.

My questions:

1) What would be the recommended software (Blue Iris, etc)?  They need to be able to monitor and display on several different stations.
2) Would you recommend 1 hardy system or stay with 2 (obviously new) since everything will be across the network?
3) Speaking of network, it's all 10/100, so all switches, etc will need upgrading.  Any recommendations for that?

Please share what knowledge you have and it will at least get me started. :-)

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