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Dahua Smart PSS PC NVR Pulling Duplicate Streams

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I have an issue with The PCNVR (offsite pc based recorder) feature on Smart pss.


I have 2 dvrs (dvr1) lan .108   and (dvr2) lan.109    using the same external ip  on 2 different ports    37777 and 37775.  They view properly in smart pss. When I Set up channel management in PCNVR in to record , example I want to record camera 1 from dvr 1 and camera 1 from dvr 2.   They will be titled properly in camera management but   they both  show the same video for camera 1, dvr 1 only , not stream 1 from dvr1 and stream 1 from dvr 2 as it should be.

Any 2 dvrs with the same external ip will do this.     Any suggestion other than using a second external ip for dvr 2? 

Has anyone else run onto this?   Thank you.   MB




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