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Oyn-x kestrel 1080 4BB Password help

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Is anyone able to help me reset the password on the above system?

I bought the above base system to hook up to 4 exisiting SPRO cameras in my new house.  I got it all hooked up ok, installed the hard drive and thought I had changed the admin password successfully on the startup wizard but Ive obviously messed it up as its not accepting what I thought was the new password I created.  Ive also tried leaving it blank and typing in admin as the password but nothing is working.  I hooked the DVR up to ethernet with the hopes of viewing the cameras on the kestrel viewer app but obviously this is impossible without the password as it asks for it on every menu screen.

Ive attached a  screenshot below and am praying someone can help otherwise its just money flushed down the toilet :(



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