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If the covered area has some light, it may confuse the camera and prevent the IR from switching over to On.

Login to camera and try to change to On instead of automatic. 

I'm not sure about this specific camera but on some of them you can see the light sensor in the front (will look like remote red deemed IR) cover it with your finger and see if the IRs turn on after 10-15 seconds.

you can see more details on the camera manual page 44



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I've tried that with no result. I dismantled the camera to see if there was any indication of damp, and it does look like there might have been. How that would have happened is a puzzle as they are water tight. It may just be down to the age of the camera. As the camera is detecting and recording motion, I have fitted an LED floodlight with PIR to cover the same area as the camera with the result that any motion will be recorded in colour.

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