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DVR 4 channel camera and PCI card

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Rory and other professionals:


I am very glad to find this board. I am new to this DVR camara technology and not even a savvy in pc. I bought a set of new WIRELESS 4 Camera DVR Security Surveillance System which claimed to be able to monitor from anywhere in the world. Basic idea is to use video capture card to store video images into pc and then upload to a website as vendor said. I was in a hurry to set them up for my kids. For that reason I also bought a used dell pc (aplex 170L) from ebay at the same time. However, the card doesn't work when I plug in the pc. It says "resources shared by other device" something like that. I knew it was a driver problem. I even called dell and their technician spent a whole morning still could not fix it. The set comes with a sofeware (digital video survellance system, no brand name). The DVR card is DSS1000/2016/3000/5000 type (do not know which one). I will appreciate to get your professional suggestions if this can be fixed. Here is a brief description of the video card:



DVR Card Highlights:

- Remote Monitoring

- Motion detection recording

- On screen color adjustment

- Circular recording


DVR CARD Specification


Video Compression: MPEG-4

Display Speed: NTSC: 30Frames PAL: 25Frames

Recording Speed: NTSC: 30Frames PAL: 25Frames

Display Resolution: 640*480, 384*288

Network Connection: LAN, Exclusive Line, PTSN ISDN

Visual Signal Input: 4 Channel (BNC or RCA)

Audio input: 1 Channels

Alarm output: 4 Channels

System Requirement: PIII 800 / 128M / 60G/ATI 32MB

Signal Input/Output: PAL / NTSC

Recorder Mode: Motion detective , send sense timing and continuum

Total resource: 4card/system total resource to120 frames

Other function: Pan ,Tilt , Zoom control

Software Supports: Supports all Windows 98 / SE / ME / 2000 / X

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Hi, welcome to the forum ...


Sounds like a typical generic 4 channel card ..

Shouldnt have any issues getting it to work ..


What OS are you running?


Which PCI slot is it plugged into?


Is there a name on the card somewhere .. or the software ..?


Its a very slight possibility that the drivers for the card from the manufacturer may only work with an Intel Chipset, or like you said there is just a conflict with the card and some other hardware. Those generic 4 channel cards typically will work with other Chipsets though, ive got some from a couple manufactures with the manus drivers working in AMDs with VIA chipsets ..


There is something else though that is possible, if the card is what we call a clone (copy of a name brand) then this kind of problem is common with those.



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Thanks Rory. Answer your questions:


Q: What OS are you running?

A: Window XP professional.


Q: Which PCI slot is it plugged into?

A: There are two expansion slots in the pc. It has to use some kind of "card cage" to hold two PCI cards. I try one one them dowsn't work and other one trigerred window to search for drivers. And I load CD come with the set.


Q: Is there a name on the card somewhere .. or the software ..?

A: I will try to look them carefully to see if I can find any clue.


Q: Its a very slight possibility that the drivers for the card from the manufacturer may only work with an Intel Chipset, ........

A: Could be. I bought this used pc and don't know if it runs on intel and ADM. I will check with dell.


I just want to find out if I need to switch pc and dump the set for a new one.....


I will provide you with more info later....

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Here I am providing you with more details about card and pc. Appreciate your help.



dell optiplex 170L. hard disk 40 gb, RAM 512. I check inside there is a Intel chip with following information:





Don't know what kind of motherboard.


Vidoe card:

4 ports (4 video inputs) with a 15 pin femal connector

there are three blocks kind of thing maybe transformer (?) with name "Tiaobo" and label "3A 120vAC 3A 24VDC) on top of the card. one chip kind of thing on the bottom with name





0607 Taiwan"


bottom left side with



made in taiwan"



Software come with one named "DVR 4CS" which have trouble to run, one "AVerMEdia" for viewlog and playback, one "Image Verification Version 1.0" don't know what for.


also manuals with both english and chinese (complex)

manual in english with these info:

"DSS1000/2016/3000/5000 User's Manual

DSS is short for Digital Surveillance System


in Charpter 1 Introduction, it says

DSS1000/2016/3000/5000, composed of 1/2/4 32-bit PCI video capture cards...


I believed my is DSS1000 as picture and description says.


Hardware recommendations:

CPU-Pentium III 800MZ or above

Motherboard-INtel 815E/815EP (PIII), 845(P4), 845D(p4), 845E(p4), 845G(p4)

list of motherboard tested:


ASUS P4B266, 533, 533-V


MSI 845E MAx2, 845G MAx

(VIA/SiS/Ali chopset motherboards temperarily not suported)

OS-windows 98se/Me/200 Pro./XP Pro.

Expansion SLots- 1/2/3/4 x 32-bit PCI 2.1 compliant slots

RAM-Transcend or KingSton DDR 256MB (DDR-266)

KingMAx SDRAM 256 (PC-133)

KingMax DDR 256MB (DDR-333)

Hard DIsk-40 gb at least 6 gb free



In connecting the vidoe cards, it says


Up to four cameras can be connected to each vidoe card-one camera per BNC terminal


Optional use D-type 15 pin connector cable for connecting external sensor/relay (external I/O box).


I think I have lsited all the major information here. But should you need more detail, please let me know. Thanks.

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It looks like AVerMedia DSS version card but I am not very sure.

Would you mind PM me your card front back and side pictures?


Normally we suggest customer to use analog and wired camera to connect to our cards.

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Yes, I have used those DVR cards in past and you can download the drivers from the download section of http://www.iLinkPro.com . it's listed towards the bottom DSS 4.3xxxx . there is also a 4.7 version out for that card but from what i can tell with your dell system 4.3 will work the best. Most likely the card you are using are discontinue but just in case if you do have one of the new one which are know as DSS NV series then you will have to download one of the drivers listed above on the same site (www.iLinkPro.com) how ever NV 3000 / 5000 DVR cards are the best card I have ever seen after using Geovision, kodicomm, etc. but NV series card do require little bit more resource on PC.

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