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Multiplexers the nitty gritty details.

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The recent thread with multiplexers got me thinking about something that was bothering me before....


Multiplexers - which ones record fields, and which ones record frames?


As far as I understand it a field has half the amount of info in it as a frame, and from what I can see most multiplexers record only fields. BUT they claim full resolution, are they doubling every line to create the illusion of a full frame (bit of a [edited, no I will rephrase that, massive con] con if they are....)


Ok fields mean more cams per second, but if each cam is only having HALF the info recorded, isnt that a little odd? Or am i missing something?


And why do some of them crop images, they dont mention they crop a significant portion of the image (in fact one person is in prison on a murder charge and part of the problem in establishing the guilt or innocence of the person was confusion over that issue). Its got nothing to do with "black borders" so you can see them in quad view as the robot website would have you believe, thats just a cop out.


Anyone know which models dont crop, and actually do full res, and which ones do fields vs frames? Are there any other issues to look out for also?

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Ive had good luck with the Kalatel units .. GE now ..havent used them in a long time though . but they did both frames or fields .. at least Frames or Fields for Display .. i just read through an old manual I have here ...



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