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  1. kensplace

    vcl/dedicated micros

    Hi, welcome to the forum. Do you know the model no of the dome? What is not working? Is it just control, or video and control?
  2. kensplace

    Need Help ASAP

    Without any other info, it sounds to me like loose connection, as you say when you moved the cable the video came back on briefly.
  3. kensplace

    Umm... What Camera to use?

    Tip for searching on ebay, I usually tick 'uk only' (tick whatever country choice you are in, ie usa only if in USA) to avoid the millions of cheap junk foreign cams and accessories. Then in the search you can put any terms you wish to exclude after the search with a minus sign before them, for example cctv camera -lead -psu -adapter -etc to remove leads, psu's, adapters etc from the search results.
  4. kensplace

    X-ray machine analog video conversion

    What country is this in? I find it hard to stomach that the hospital knows so little about its own equipment they dont even know the model, or the basics of how it operates?
  5. Can you not get power from the lamp post?
  6. kensplace

    decoding CCTV footage

    Are you saying the police could not view the footage, or the police tried to brighten the image up but could not, or they managed to brighten the image, but it sill showed nothing useful?
  7. Not come across that one before, perhaps its a custom job? What is it controlling?
  8. EzCCTV do a distribution box for geovision to replace the pigtails, never used one, like the idea of it, but no idea how much they cost... Product here.
  9. kensplace

    hello first post

    Welcome to the forum, fellow Englander.
  10. kensplace

    Extreme FMX800

    I managed to pick up one of these extreme cameras, they are used in some of the extreme cctv products, does any have a manual for it? I have looked all over, plenty of spec sheets, and adverts but not one sign of a manual. It is controllable by rs232, but I have no idea what protocol..... Its working, but would love a read of the manual to fully be able to take advantage of all the features...
  11. kensplace

    HI from England

    Welcome to the forum, yes it certainly is sunny in England for a change.. They reckon it will get warmer over the weekend too... Time to get the fans out!
  12. kensplace

    Hello from sunny England - no really it is !!

    Welcome to the forum.
  13. kensplace

    They stole my car seats Help with new system

    Was the car itself not alarmed?
  14. Perhaps BBV (building block video) may know more, as they specialise in telemetry controllers for this sort of thing.
  15. Cant seem to find anything on it, according to that page it could be a dennard 661 - but hard to tell for sure. Usually, the wires control the motors directly, sometimes they have additional wires for feedback. Perhaps someone else is familiar with that model who will be around later. If you can open it up you should be able to see what wires go to which motor... Usually with these style the telemetry controller just send the voltage direct to whichever pair of wires controls the motor it wants to move....