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Artak Martirosyan

Security Camera Video Recording Maximum Distance

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When installing a security camera system, one common question is, "How far can my surveillance camera see?" The recording distance of a security camera depends on factors such as lens size, resolution, and sensor type. Typically, a security camera can see and record between 10 to 70ft, but some cameras can see over 1,000 feet.
The focal length, or the distance between the center of the lens and its focus, is crucial in determining the camera's viewing distance. A trade-off exists between the field of view (FOV) and viewing distance: a wider FOV captures more area but with less detail, while a narrower FOV offers more detail but covers less area.
Cameras with fixed lenses have a set focal length, while modern IP cameras feature varifocal lenses that can be adjusted for different FOVs and distances. PTZ cameras have motorized varifocal lenses, allowing remote control of the lens size and focal length during recording. These cameras can capture details up to 300 feet away, but they are expensive and bulky.
Resolution is another essential factor, as higher resolution cameras produce clearer images. High-definition cameras are now more affordable, and 8MP or 4K cameras with varifocal lenses are a good option for capturing clear images at various distances. By installing cameras close to monitoring spots, you can recognize faces and license plates even at greater distances.

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