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Found 11 results

  2. When installing a security camera system, one common question is, "How far can my surveillance camera see?" The recording distance of a security camera depends on factors such as lens size, resolution, and sensor type. Typically, a security camera can see and record between 10 to 70ft, but some cameras can see over 1,000 feet. The focal length, or the distance between the center of the lens and its focus, is crucial in determining the camera's viewing distance. A trade-off exists between the field of view (FOV) and viewing distance: a wider FOV captures more area but with less detail, while a narrower FOV offers more detail but covers less area. Cameras with fixed lenses have a set focal length, while modern IP cameras feature varifocal lenses that can be adjusted for different FOVs and distances. PTZ cameras have motorized varifocal lenses, allowing remote control of the lens size and focal length during recording. These cameras can capture details up to 300 feet away, but they are expensive and bulky. Resolution is another essential factor, as higher resolution cameras produce clearer images. High-definition cameras are now more affordable, and 8MP or 4K cameras with varifocal lenses are a good option for capturing clear images at various distances. By installing cameras close to monitoring spots, you can recognize faces and license plates even at greater distances. More informative article here
  3. Hi Guys, I am looking for an OEM camera for my Robotic ARM project. Can anyone suggest me a camera that can be compatible with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin development kit? I came across e-con Systems’ cameras that can be compatible with Jetson AGX Orin. Has anyone tried e-con Systems’ cameras before? The listed cameras are perfectly suiting my needs. But I would like to know if any other options are available in the market. It would be great if you could suggest me the same.
  4. A lot of times, I see members here talking about doing their own installation but what most do not know is that there are certain factors that like us at Encinitas Home Security do for our clients - 100% perfect installation which results in a lifetime of home security. I could not strongly highlight how a home security specialist can provide durability and quality to your home security. We survey your place and can give you an overall report on where to put and what to do with your home security - something a do-it-yourself sometimes cannot do. If you're around Encinitas area, this is the security for you.
  5. Anyone know where lenses can be bought for this camera? Any info on the thread, part codes or suppliers would be useful. http://www.cameras-cctv.com/Bullet_camera_21EH-R43
  6. Charlie26

    NVR stolen, please help

    I recently purchased ANRAN CCTV Camera System Wireless WiFi IP Smart Outdoor Home Security 5MP HD NVR. My house was broken into and the NVR was stolen. They didn't steal the camera's. Is there a way I can still operate the camera's and record directly to a cloud without an NVR? Or do I have to buy another NVR?
  7. dansleeth

    WWV-SF332 Alternative?

    Morning All, I work in a school and we use a bunch of Panasonic WV-SF332 cameras with Avigilon software. We currently pay astronomical prices to have cameras added and install (£2000 for one last week) and as a school it is a shame to see funding being used in this way. Could Anybody recommend an alternative camera that we could use on this system? I am unsure whether we can just plug in any old IP camera and expect it to work? Whether I need to look for particular features / standards? https://bizpartner.panasonic.net/public/system/files/files/fields/field_file/psd/2015/04/23/WV-SF332_2A-062JA_1429764506.pdf Any help greatly appreciated!
  8. Premium .Com CCTV Domains for Sale Please visit http://noframes.com/cctvdomains.htm for details, or email rick@rixsite.com (as offers will be considered). Thanks! #CCTV #domains #security #camera #DVR #sale #domainsforsale #domainnames #domainsales 1232c.com 1232see.com 123tosee.com a1dvr.com automationcam.com bannerwebcams.com cctvme.com cctvoem.com cctvpal.com eptz.com ethernetcam.com expectperformance.com expectperformance.net goptz.com ipptz.com krcctv.com netcctv.com netcctv.net netptz.com netvideosolutions.com primacctv.com processcam.com securitysight.com wificctv.com wificctv.net
  9. Hello Does anyone offer original Dahua IP Cameras? If installation service is available, that will be better. can you pls leave your contact info ? Thanks
  10. Trinicloud

    AG-EC18D-M10 camera question

    Good morning all, I am new to the whole security camera/surveillance thing. I have been an IT guy for the last 20 years and recently one of my clients when and purchased 16 of these http://angevision.com/html_products/AG-EC18D-M10-WIFI-Bulb-IP-CAMERA-294.html for his 8 store outlets. Each one of his stores has internet access so he is enjoying being able to view remote what goes on at each store via his cellphone. He asked me a few days ago if it would be possible to remotely store the feeds of each of the cameras at his office and view them on a large tv display or two. Now off the top of my head i when i thought maybe a Synology or Qnap nas with their surveillance software can work, but the Camera does not support Onvif from what i have read and mainly works via p2p. I have reached out to the manufacturer via email to ask them a few questions about which one of their own nvrs can be used or what other brand nvr they would recommend for remote storage and viewing. Hopefully someone here can give me some pointers on what options are possible.
  11. Dear, I have a Crasher where a software company has provided software to record mining work and as now they need to be installed 2 cameras to take pictures of Truck one of number plate and second of under Truc to get pictures what is in it, Software company said that he need 2 cameras with 2 different IP and told me to buy CP Plus UNC Series Orange Colour 2 MP camera and POE switch, Can you please help me is it possible with these 2 things if yes how it's possible.