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Over the passed year, I have been using several 8MP Hikvision ColorVu bullet cameras to do biodiversity field research in the mountain forests of Western North Carolina. These cameras (DS-2CD2087G2-LU) are able to record beautiful color footage in very low light situations better than any other camera I know of, and this is exactly what I've needed to be able to do. So far, my setup has been: camera connected to TP-Link router, POE adapter connected to AC power bank and to the camera, ThinkPad laptop (Windows 10) connected to router, Verizon Jetpack wireless broadband modem for internet connection, and two portable AC power banks.  And I've been using the Hikvision SADP tool to launch the camera, then, in the Live View browser tab, I've edited the cameras' configuration settings and controlled their recording. This has worked very well for me. Now, I need go deeper into the woods and record in more remote areas of the forest, where there in no cell service and no internet access. So, I need to set up everything to be able to record to the cameras' memory card, and/or to my laptop's hard drive. This seems like it would be something that is fairly easy to do; but I haven't found any clear and accurate instructions on how to do this, either on Hikvision's website or on the wider web. I'm hoping someone here might know either specifically, or even generally speaking, how to do what I'm needing to do.  

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Point to point wireless radios is one thing that might possibly do for your scenario?

Something like two Ubiquiti Loco M2's in bridge mode. It's basically a wireless link and depending on models they can easily go miles (but proper alignment is needed).

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