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Pelco Spectra IV se

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Hey! I hope this is the right forum. But I have a Spectra IV SE with no ptz controls. The camera is scrolling back and forth, like on a preset. But when I go to move it to get rid of the configure done on the screen I have no control. The camera is connected to a video balun which comes back to the server via cat5. The cat 5 connects to a NV-16PS13-PVD(16 Channel power supply receiver hub) and from that uses bnc cable down to ENC5416 Encoder. The PTZ camera has a separate power supply in another part of the building. The server is a DSSRV with DS Controlpoint 7.16. PTZ Controls are enabled in DS admin for the camera. is the DS realvue diagnostic tool it detects com port 9 and 10 for the ptz camera. Any idea why I have no controls? Sorry if I missed anything and I will try to answer any questions the best I can :)

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