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Hello, I have a Dahua DVR and I am facing a problem where every time the DVR loses LAN signal (from different reasons), I need to reboot the DVR when the signal comes back because the DVR doesn’t reconnect with the internet by itself. The moment I replug the DVR, it gets normal immediately. 

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If you have manually set an IP address on the NVR, make sure to exclude this from the DHCP range on your router. Or set the NVR to DHCP and create a static IP address map in the router for your NVR.


Last year I set a camera's IP address manually and it worked for a day. Then the router did a shuffle of DHCP leases and for some reason it didn't recognise the camera wasn't going to change address. The router then set another device to the same IP address as the camera.

Both devices were randomly working until I found the cause.

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