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In need of a clear audio solution!

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I work as a surveillance agent (and tech in training) at a Casino in the US.

Per regulations for a specific area in the facility, we have to have audio recorded for our surveillance purposes.

We use a Honeywell 60 series IP camera in this area using the internal mic.

However, with all the ambient noises (music, gaming machines, talking, etc.) it isn't the clearest audio.

I'm requesting ideas to improve this? I am able to attach a an external microphone system. I'm comfortable with splicing ends and doing that if need be. I just need something that will pick up voices more clearly in the area.

Looking for any ideas so I have something to look into.

Thank you in advance!

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some cameras do offer a noise reduction option in the audio settings, I have a Wisenet fisheye cam with this option though I have yet to test how effective it is.

It may be that other hardware is available that can then provide audio line out which you can then plug in to the camera - mobile phones and noise-cancelling headphones have a second microphone fitted to the back of the device which is mounted specifically to pick up background noise which is then fed to a comparator type circuit, and those frequencies/noises picked up by both the 'dialogue' microphone and the 'background' microphone are then cancelled out. If you are able to source such a device then you could located the microphone designed to pick up background noise slightly further away from the area of interest.... depending on how good you are with soldering and small electronic components, you could experiment with a hands-free headset from a mobile phone and take it apart so as to replace the dialogue microphone with wires coming from your own unidirectional microphone for the area of interest and then site the circuit (with the background microphone still on the board) slightly further away. I cannot guarantee it'd work, but I've generally found that experimenting here and there can bring sometimes surprising results.

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