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What is the formula to get SANNCE DH81S password from system date/time?

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This thread 

but no replies after the first few posts.
I've tried Super Password and Time_pwd 1.1.  Battery pull not working. No reset button.
System has been sitting in a box since 2020 and I want to start using it again. Would rather fet the passowrd that destroy it with a hammer.


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On second though fuck it. I've spent 9 hours on this today. Thats longer than a full time work day without O/T.
This hassle is isn't worth the the $200 I spent on the cheap Chinese piece of ****.
PROBLEM SOLVED (see picture)

Admins you can also delete all my posts and close my acct on this site as I see I had another post about this Sannce system back in 2016 that went unanswered. This place is pretty well useless. Close my acct please.


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I’ve tried everything I could gather from these forums and more but sadly unable to reset the DVR to factory settings. Any help/suggestions/tips would me most welcome

ive attached a photo of the PCB and I’ll be damned if I can find the reset jumper

many thanks



ps: was unable to attach the photo as its bigger than 1.2mb and not sure how I can make it smaller

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