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Subway POS Integration

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I have a customer with several Subway Restaurants, currently using DTT (Geovision based) systems and he would like me to set up a video surveillance system at his newest site.  I've worked with some video surveillance systems before including Geovision but I've never done POS integration and it looks like there are several options.  The existing DTT systems appear to be talking over the local network without any data capture box between the POS and printer.  The Subway POS appears to have some Geovision specific integration built in.  Does anyone here know how the POS integration is typically done with the Subway POS software?  Do they typically have the Geovision Text Sender tool installed on the POS  or is the native Geovision integration sufficient  (what I suspect).  If the latter can someone point me at what I need to configure on the Geovision VMS side?  I currently have a demo Geovision V17 VM set up remotely for proof of concept but ultimately there will be a Geovision NVR on site.  Any advice or pointers to documentation would be appreciated.

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