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Avigilon 2.0C H3A D01 firmware

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I'm wondering if anybody here has a quick way to download newer firmware for the IP camera in the title, as mine randomly restarts itself without warning.... sometimes it might be 3 or 4 hours between restarts and other times it can do a restart 3 times in 20 minutes - the system log shows "Sentinel time has expired" which I believe is an issue that can only be resolved by a firmware update.
I did searches for the firmware and version is shown on the Avigilon website as if available to download, but the links simply redirect to a Motorolla login page - and to create an account requires a business email, business name, and USA Zip code or Canadian province information of which I have none of those things. Other websites appear to "have" the firmware and yet simply redirect to the Avigilon FTP server which also asks for login credentials.
The current firmware version is so any version higher than this is what I'm after.... it is the 2.0C-H3A-DO1 type camera (not the IR version)


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