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Time Task for Aux output

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I am replacing a few old analogue cameras and have come across a little niggle when it comes to one location. The outgoing camera is a Pelco Spectra IV and will be replaced with an IP PTZ, but the Pelco has a time task schedule set up to switch the AUX1 output on and off at certain times, as security lights are connected via a suitable relay to the Aux output - this has meant the lights can switch on and off at times of useage after dark, the time task programme can be altered remotely as and when sunset times have changed, and the lights can be switched on remotely if there is activity outside of the normal periods of activity.... as far as I can see, any IP PTZ cameras that offer a Time Task feature only do this for preset/scan/tour and do not offer switching the AUX1 or AUX2 outputs on a schedule independently of other operations.

Is there a way to work around this so as to keep the scheduled switching of the lights but with an IP PTZ camera? For example, are there fixed turret/eyeball/mini dome IP cameras which have a time task function for their Aux output (as this could be installed next to the PTZ and simply focused on the door, for example).... or could a signal be sent from the DVR to the IP PTZ (the liklihood is that a Hikvision DS7200HUHI-K series or DS7300HUHI-K series or iDS7200HUHI type hybrid DVR will be used as there will still be analogue cameras in use)

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