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Any Standard color for cctv metal trunking

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When we need to run hell lot of cable, we need to use metal trunking. Is there any cctv standard color for the trunking?? etc, electrical is using orange, red is for bomba, white is for other low voltage cable, how about cctv trunking color?


I heard somebody told me before is blue. is that correct or there is no such thing...

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Never heard of anything like that, but who knows, each country has their own rules and regs, check with your local officials, or buy a copy of the rules/regs to find out to be on the safe side (ie, if you dont know that, then you obviously dont know the other rules that may exist or not....)


If someone tells you something like that, always ask them at the time they tell you, where they got that info from. usually they are talking crap, but sometimes, you never know...


CCTV in the uk for example is very unregulated (apart from the privacy aspects which are over regulated) - its harder to wire up wiring in your house legally than it is to professionally install cctv in the uk.

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in our company we try to color-code and mark everything, it's not required by law but we try to make life easier for the technicians... usually:


silver - single-phase 120/240 volt power

orange - 3-phase 240/480 volt power

white - security/access system

red - fire alarm

yellow - cctv video

blue or grey, sometimes white.. - it network

green - timeclocks and shift bells


sometimes we are forced to compromise the color coding because we can't get the proper color when we need it.. cat 5 cable is an excellent example, the it department is always moving things around so their system is the most messed-up....

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