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Time Lapse VCR issue

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One of the sites I am currently looking after has a National Electronics NLCD16 mux and I can't get this thing to record on a tape. I have used three different time lapse VCR's and all my connections were checked and verified. What happens is, I sometimes get the message "wrong format" at the top of the screen or only 4 out of 12 cameras would be recorded and the quality is the worst I have ever seen. I constantly get these bright green and bright pink flashes on the screen that disrupts the whole image....Can anyone help me out?

PS The VCR's are not the issue because I have used all three VCR's with Sensormatic's RV2216 and RV1316 mux's and they work perfect...

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Seems to be a cable problem,use another testing cable of good quality , and check the result,and also check the cameras directly to the monitor.If the problem is still there then the out put signal of the camera is not good enough to reach the recorder.

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Hi smpl_gy


I don't know the units in question, but a couple of things to try.


First off, if the multiplexer has a 'sequential' video output, or monitor out with a sequential switch function on the front of the unit, see if all the cameras are being switched out correctly to a connected monitor.


Next, connect a lead from the VCR Out socket direct to a monitor, and see if you are getting a rapidly switched display of the connected cameras. If you are not sure whether they are all present, connect this lead to the Video Input of a recorder, record for 60 seconds, rewind, then play back the recording, freeze frame, then frame advance to see if each connected camera has been recorded sequentially as a coherent image.


This will work with most multiplexers, but occasionally you may find one that just won't allow you to do this.


If all the camera images are present, then the multiplexer is working o.k.

If any are missing or showing up as a blank coloured raster, then the video is absent from that channel, and should be investigated accordingly.

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