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New user from Ohio, USA

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Hello all.


I'm a homeowner who installed a CCTV system after a breakin. Started out with 4 channel card in an old PC and now have a 9ch standalone CPCam DVR. All the cameras are hardwired with RG6. Some of the cameras provide overall views, each door has a closeup camera and the long driveway (150') has a zoom lens that can read license plates. The close up entry cameras are IR, whereas the area cameras are all backed up with motion-sensor lights.



Since installing the system 4 years ago I have captured many cars parking in my driveway in the early hours... One lady who walked around my property for 10 mins during the day while I was inside. When I finally saw and challenged her she said she thought the house was for sale.

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Oh, and I installed a camera in my cubicle at work after a couple of thefts. The cleaners do some very strange things...


- Tried my headphones on, even though they were clearly not plugged into anything

- Picked up a 'bait dollar' from my desk and looked at it for a few seconds before putting it back

- Looked through my desk drawers

- Dusted my desk, then wiped the duster on the carpet when it got too dusty

- Sat and looked through all the pictures in a photo album of my kid.

- Cleaned my cublicle while wearing MY glasses


- Had sex in my cubicle (I showed the video to my boss - it was confiscated and I was told that recording my cubicle was an invasion of privacy and to never do it again)

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