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NVR software running on Linux?

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I haven't but it is something I want to do. I actually have a linux box ready for testing, I just haven't got the chance yet


Which NVR solution were you looking at?

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I was looking at the avermedia products specifically the dom card model and milestone software.


It seems as though there are a lot of companies touting they're the greatest.


Can you recommend a product you have used sucessfully without bugs?

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Off of the top of my head, the only two linux based products for PC based DVR's that I know of is Zoneminder and Luxriot.

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Take a look at VideoProtein. VideoProtein is the only true Linux based solution that is all IP Based. I heard my father in law taking about this company because his company signed on board with these guys for over 600 locations and over 1500 IP cameras with one user login and user interface to manage all these locations. There is no need to log into each box/DVR/NVR. Completely scalable to 1000's and 1000's of cameras. It's really nice from what he has showed me.

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JVC VRN software runs on linux. Need a server with NO OS. Part number is VRN-ESSCD. You get the OS and 1 Camera license. Each additional license is Part number VRN-ESS1. No yearly licensing fees. Once you bought it it's yours forever. You can use many different manufacturers cameras. The list below is not the most current, but it is pretty close.


Arecont Vision AV2100 IP CAM-Fixed & MegaPixel

Axis 205 IP CAM-Fixed

Axis 210 IP CAM-Fixed

Axis 211 IP CAM-Fixed & POE

Axis 213 IP CAM-PTZ

Axis 221 IP CAM-Fixed & POE

Axis 225fd IP CAM-Fixed & POE & Dome

Axis 2100 IP CAM-Fixed

Axis 2120 IP CAM-Fixed

Axis 2130 IP CAM-PTZ

Axis 231d IP CAM-PTZ & Dome

Axis 232d IP CAM-PTZ & Dome

Axis 2400 IP Encoder 4-Channel

Axis 2401 IP Encoder 4-Channel

Axis 241q IP Encoder 4-Channel

Axis 241s IP Encoder 1-Channel

Axis 2420 IP CAM-Fixed

D-Link dcs2000 IP CAM-Fixed (Limited Support)

Flexwatch 200a IP Encoder 1-Channel

Flexwatch 500a IP Encoder 6-Channel

Flexwatch 3400 IP Encoder 4-Channel

IQinVision iqeye3 series IP CAM-Fixed & MegaPixel

IQinVision iqeye5 series IP CAM-Fixed & MegaPixel

IQinVision iqeye7 series IP CAM-Fixed & MegaPixel

JVC vn-a1u IP Encoder 1-Channel

JVC vn-c10u IP CAM-Fixed

JVC vn-c11u IP CAM-Fixed

JVC vn-c20u IP CAM-Fixed & POE

JVC vn-c30u IP CAM-PTZ

JVC vn-c205u IP CAM-Fixed & Dome

JVC vn-c625u IP CAM-PTZ & Dome

JVC vn-c655u IP CAM-PTZ & Dome

JVC vn-e4u IP Encoder 4-Channel

Mobotix m1m IP CAM-Fixed

Panasonic nm100 IP CAM-PTZ

Panasonic np472 IP CAM-Fixed

Panasonic ns324 IP CAM-PTZ & Dome

Sony snc-cs3n IP CAM-Fixed

Sony snc-df40n IP CAM-Fixed & Dome

Sony snc-df70n IP CAM-

Sony snc-rz25n IP CAM-PTZ

Sony snc-rz30n IP CAM-PTZ

Sony snc-rz50n IP CAM-PTZ

Sony snt-v501 IP Encoder 1-Channel

Toshiba ik-wb21a IP CAM-Fixed & MegaPixel

Vivotek ip2111 IP CAM-Fixed

Vivotek ip2112 IP CAM-Fixed

Vivotek vs2101 IP Encoder 1-Channel

Vivotek vs2402 IP Encoder 4-Channel

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I use Motion (search on Google for "Motion Web Home", this forum won't let me post links yet). It is free and open source software. I don't have an IP cam, but it does work with most cameras that can provide a JPEG image or MJPEG video stream.

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Have any of you guys tried those posted open source linux software to see if they work with a range of IP cameras? I'm looking into setting up some IP cameras and want to run my nix box to do the recording. I see this posting is quite old and I know there might be a chance a newer piece of software has come out since then.

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nobody mentioned exacq


I was about to post the same thing lol.


are you looking to build your own system? because if not, i know a few manufacturers that have linux based stand alone system such as Qnap. life is much easier with stand alone systems.

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Anymore viable options in the Linux space? I'll have 10-12 ACTi cams and would like to have a solid OS to support the platform I'm building-out.


I'm planning a build for a dedicated server (SuperMicro chassis/MB) for personal cloud, media streaming, camera streaming, NVR, NAS (freenas) file server and such.


I'm looking to investigate non-MS OS's (Ubuntu has my eye); especially once you factor in the $ associated with picking-up MS Server 2012 Standard edition.


Early in server planning stage; is Zoneminder still the go-to for Linux NVR?



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Don't know if I would call it more solid as I've been running ACTi NVR software for a few years and never had a crash on Windows. But I also run Synology DMS 4.2 which is a Linux operating system distro from Synology, open source, mostly used on their NAS devices but you can run it on many PC, I run it on an HP Proliant Microserver. They then have an app that's already installed called Surveillance Station. Works well with ACTi but only supports up to 2MP (1080P) so it crops my newer 3MP ACTi cameras. What I like is that it's very efficient as it's been developed for Atom processor based Synology hardware so when I run it on a faster processor it barely uses up much CPU.


Just because software runs on Linux does not make it more robust or more efficient. I found the opposite, Zoneminder will easily consume more CPU resources than many comparable Windows products.


Also, for what it's worth, ACTi NVR's run on Linux and people that have them said that ACTi NVR3 software on Windows has more features and was better. Don't know a I don't have their NVR and it looked pretty good at the trade shows.

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