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B/W EIA camera power

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Hi, I am hoping someone here can haelp me with this question.


I have acquired an older cctv camera (no brand name) and I want to power it up and fool around with it. It does say that it requires 12vDC. However, it has a single cable coming out that splits into two terminations; one female bnc coax and one male (recessed) rca. I have checked the continuity and I believe that these are identical in terms of their pinouts. Now, how do I provide power to this thing, is it a 12v forward bias on the ground as I suspect? Also, once I've powered it, is it even compatible with my standard "consumer" rf equipment?



Ryan Nestor

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if the camera have BNC connectors you can use them on today's equipment. I'd scrap the cable and install RG-59 siamese cable...power and video in one cable sheeth.

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