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Tests of a couple Low end DVRs

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Everfocus EDSR-1600F


16 channel, 60pps, 160GB 2 Removable Drives, CF backup Jpeg or Movie.


Nice looking unit, big change from their previous units, and better US support now. Got a quick response by email.


CF back up to 512MB. Browser based Network software, good clear quality, crashed a couple times though on Windows XP Pro. May have been a slow network issue though, need more testing in that side, I only had 10 minutes to test it on the network as we had to take it back to the owner.



Live display in IE is good quality, and its Java. You can switch to playback very easy. You can search by Segment (Volumes Recorded), Time/Date, or Alarm. Loads them quick. This makes it very simple. Unfortunatelty, no windows software available so it is not that powerful for software. Playback is useable even at 60pps. 2 audio inputs. Quality of video is good. Getting a unit on Monday to do extensive network and local testing on.


Local - Quality is great. Speed is real time. Simple menus compared to others like Privideo or HiSharp. Very easy to do a search, can search by Segment, Alarms, or Time/Date, simple to find some video. One button Copy, to CF, as still Jpegs, OR VIDEO, no CDRW but the CF stil gets a good size video at 32MB, enough for most evidence. Many Muliple screen modes, couldnt figure how to go up or down while in Digital zoom though, will need to read the manual. Other than that, everything is simple to understand, didnt need the manual for anything else. It also has 4 optional Spot Monitors, totally programmable.



It has 2 removable HDD bays, you can buy a HDD USB Reader, to use on any PC and then examine the video from there. Also, has a server type device, that will allow you to connect to many DVRS on the network, and remotely archive video like at a central station. Havent tested this, but will next week, both of them.



HiSharp 16 channel DVR



I wont go into detail, as there is not much. Costs less than the Everfocus. It saves only as Jpeg, no movie. It uses Windows Network Software, no browser based, and its remote search features are very shabby. But the live view is good quality (flickers in and out every so ofter but otherwise), and if thats all you want its worth it. 4 channel system is the ultimate low cost DVR, like $560 US. Local mode is high quality video, menus are simple enough, not much there to change. Doesnt have as many features as the Everfocus, or others, but price is lower. If you need a cheap DVR this will do. Once again, no browser software. 30pps recording on 16 channels, but comes with mutliple hard drives. I removable, 1 internal, and it has external ports for their external drive products for archiving. Major drawback is back up is only in Jpeg, unless you add a home VCR which you can do with any DVR.






Next week when I get some more tests with them I will post some more info. Trying to get my hands on a couple more to test, some from Asia Direct, higher end stand alones though which will more than likely cost more, CDRWs built in, etc. Again, the above DVRs do not compare to DVRs like the GE Kalatel units, especially in the network software and advanced search features, but they are totally different prices.



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How much does the Everfocus cost?


depends where you buy it from but wholesale it ranges from $1000-1300

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Why are US prices so much better than than in the UK? The Everfocus EDSR1600 has a list price of over £2000, wholesale about £1800.

Support is excellent in the UK - it should be at those price differences.

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