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Hello all. I need help. Let me explain the situation.


I live in 1 of 2 houses being targetted by local yobs and druggies who live in the 3rd house. I have been asked by house no.2 to setup a CCTV system. I've started but am not 100% satisfied.


The system. Please don't laugh.

1st PC has a program called Crime Catcher set to motion detection with 1 Creative Optia Live AF USB webcam and 1 wireless camera with DLY on the receiver connected to the PC via a KWorld adaptor.


2nd PC has the same software but with a Trust WB-5400 USB webcam connected to it.


My main gripe is with the software, I need something that can capture JPEGs from more than one source at a time and whose 'mask' feature works better, this one seems to have a mind of its own, also tech support is almost non-existant. Also, if you're aware of better cameras, please advise.


The areas being monitored are outside, but the cameras are inside.


Any help with software or hardware would be appreciated.


Many thanks,


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So I take it you are in the UK?? I had to google those cameras because I have never heard of them so I really couldnt laugh....untill I seen them. Seriously they are megapixel but for the price they can not be very high quality. Judging from what I found online you must have the least expensive system I have ever seen. If you are serious about catching some bad guys you need facial recognition and my guess is most of these crooks are out at night right?? How good is the lighting where you are trying to video these people?? I have some contacts over there and there are even some in this forum that would be able to help you with what you need. So let me know your location and I will see what I can do to assist you.

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Yes, in the UK, sunny South Wales. It may suprise most, but these people are mostly active during the day when I am at work and my elderly neighbour is home alone, but 'night vision' would be a welcome addition. The trouble with nightvision, using IR to enhance the image, is that it doesn't work through glass, I believe that is the case anyway, and these cameras are located indoors pointing outwards.


The main problem is budget, as you can tell from the setup. In a strange way I'm proud of the fact that it's the cheapest setup you've heard of!! lol At this moment in time I cannot afford 4 cameras that cost £200+ each and my neighbour can afford even less (pensions are pitiful in the UK).


I fear that for every question I answer you experts will have 5 more questions for me, so please be patient

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